Funky Fingers Nail Art

Nail Art Class

Would you like to learn how to do nail art?

This class covers all the basics plus popular and fun nail art designs. Everyone in the class will receive a kit which contains everything needed to turn you into a nail art expert.


          * $180 for 4 girls. This price includes a nail art kit for each girl and a 1 hour  group lesson.

$25 for each additional person

Please be advised that this party does not include the girls nails being painted, although that can be arranged at an additional cost.

Nail Art Kit

Each girl will receive their own boxed nail art kit to take home valued at $25.

Each kit contains the following

1 plastic nail wheel, 1 tiny paint brush, an assortment of nail gems, nail stickers, 1 dotting tool, 1 tub of glitter, 1 nail file, toe seperators, 1 coloured polish, 1 clear polish, 1 set of acrylic paints.

Kits are also able to be purchased separately.


Nail Art Party bags

Nail art party bags are great to give as party favours or as a gift.

Each Party bag contains a colourful nail file, toe seperators, nail stickers, nail glitter, an assortment of gems and a dotting tool.

Cost is $7 each or $6 each if purchasing 3 or more.

Please note, these party bags are best suited to kids over the age of 6. If you are after something for younger kids please let me know and I can put together a more age appropriate bag.